Welcome to the world of Elspeth and her Naughty Guides

I’ve put my heritage posts here, particularly those in the series A Day Out with Elspeth in… [insert name of usually British town here]. Some of my posts are more observations than tours.

I’d also promised the Naughty Guides, making heritage fun: the world of Norman bottoms (ie 12thc C church apses).

Either of these may become a book.

Posts and pictures will start appearing soon….

Please note I’m not necessarily putting my best photos up here as I know some have a penchant for stealing from the net.

There are sketches too. if you’d like to buy any of my work, you can at here:

I’d like to state and also that this site builder is Naughty itself, not displaying how it appears in my editing screen, as I have moaned to Word Press before.