Welcome to the world of Elspeth’s naughty guides

That got your attention didn’t it! Not that sort of naughty though, but putting the fun into architecture, the wicked into observations.

Hence – naughty guides… from Tudor trunks to Norman nobbly bits…

Alas, the only bottoms you’ll be seeing are church apses – though I have had to mention a few actual body parts in the text sometimes to avoid falling foul trade description act.

I’ve put up my series A Day Out with Elspeth in… [insert name of usually British town here]. Some of my posts are more observations than tours. I always intend to share what it feels to be here, not just list the usual pictures and places. I’ll assume you want to know what’s it’s actually like, not just a repeat of the obvious sights and most famous hotels and teashops. Browsing shops and websites, I got frustrated with how hard it is to go beyond that, especially if you’re planning on moving, or just really want to know a place.

I began writing on travel in 2002 and started this series, originally for the Churches Conservation Trust, in 2008. It’s now separate and has become its own thing, but I wanted to give a little plug for CCT (not the camera sort).

Pictures are mine – please don’t use them or my text without permission. (I don’t count printing off for your delectation or scrapbook). Hence I often have marks on them to make them less nickable and I don’t always put my best pictures up here – I often sell those, somewhere else.





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